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What is the San Diego Barcode of Life?

SDBOL is a unique, regionally-led initiative evolving from the global mission of the International Barcode of Life (iBOL). Through our unprecedented collaborations, SDBOL has contributed over 50,000 barcode sequences to the Barcode of Life Database (BOLD). We have achieved the 1st complete DNA barcoding of a regional flora in a biodiversity hotspot (the San Diego County Plant Atlas). 

What's New!


Catalog of Life @ the San Diego Library 

In Spring and Summer 2017, kids were able to go to their local branch of the San Diego Library and sign out a simple-to-use DNA barcoding kit. They collected 4 insects, and used the LifeScanner app to upload a photo and data. View this fun video a child made about it! The kits were returned to the library for processing. View the results online here. Read article in Library Journal here.

Regional Projects


Why do DNA barcoding projects in San Diego? 

As a biodiversity hotspot and hub of science research and technology, San Diego is the perfect place to do genomics projects. SDBOL aims to partner with San Diego's innovative and entrepreneurial scientific, corporate, civic, philanthropic, and academic communities to advance mutual goals in biodiversity research and understanding.